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Military and Veteran Resources

A Place to Call Home

A large population of military personnel, veterans and their families call Macon-Bibb County home. There are a variety of resources available to support those who have served, including information on available career opportunities, access to counseling services, and guidance on how to receive rightfully earned benefits.

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Fast Facts

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Veterans Live in Macon-Bibb County
Military and Veteran Organizations in the Greater Macon Metro Area
  • Robins Air Force Base
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Career Opportunities

The largest industrial complex in the state of Georgia exists 20 miles from Macon.

As the long-standing Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA continues to expand, so do the benefits it provides to its next-door neighbor, Macon-Bibb County. In February 2020, Robins AFB opened a new software lab in downtown Macon (Blue Sky) that brought 50 new technology jobs to the city.

As one of the largest economic drivers in Central Georgia, Robins Air Force Base offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Qualified veterans may be eligible for Veterans Preference, which prioritizes their applications for a position over many other applicants. To learn more about available positions and eligibility requirements for Veterans Preference, visit the Robins Air Force Base Employment page

Certified Greatness

Explore higher education and accelerated training programs.

For assistance in advancing your career, the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) provides excellent resources to help military personnel transition into the civilian workforce. GDOL ensures that veterans receive preference and priority of service in finding work, building career skills, credentialing military experience and training, and accessing state and federal veteran services. To find a full list of GDOL services, visit the Veteran Assistance and Information page.

Looking to level up your skill set? The Georgia Veterans Education Career Transition Resource (VECTR) Center offers accelerated college programs and short-term certifications in high demand careers to Georgia residents or those stationed in Georgia for little to no cost.

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Serving Those Who Have Served

Macon-Bibb County provides ample resources to assist veterans in their transition to civilian life.

For all matters involving veteran benefits, Macon’s Veterans Field Service Office offers personal assistance to veterans and their families.

To provide the best care possible, the Georgia VECTR Center introduced a new electronic referral platform in 2020 that efficiently connects veterans in Central Georgia with community-based resources. The use of this current technology has provided access to food assistance, mental health care, housing assistance, and other social services to more than 2,620 veterans . You can find more information about this platform and other VECTR Center services here.