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Interior of an automotive manufacturing facility with car door parts in Macon.

Fueling the Future of Careers in Macon

Macon continues to expand its automotive industry with big names like Kumho Tire and Tractor Supply Co., bolstering the local economy and creating plenty of job opportunities. 

With 21 automotive, truck and bus assembly plants within 500 miles, four deep water ports within five hours, and 5,000 miles of rail throughout Georgia, Macon is ideally positioned to leverage the rapid growth of the automotive industry. Currently, there are more than 151,000 production workers in auto-applicable fields in the state of Georgia but there is potential to reach over 400,000. 

Looking to jumpstart your career in the automotive industry but not quite sure where to start? Central Georgia Technical College offers extensive training opportunities in two tracks of studies: Automotive Fundamentals and Automotive Collision Repair. As this sector continues to grow in Macon, you’re guaranteed to find a job you love — with a competitive salary and solid work-life-balance to boot.

A man works with metal in a garage.

Fast Facts

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Major Employers

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Skilled and Dedicated

Programs and opportunities to accelerate your career

Our automotive industry brings opportunities, benefits, and the ability to upskill. Our technical colleges like Central Georgia Technical College allow constant learning and utilize applicable skills to ensure industry best practices. With two tracks of studies, Automotive Fundamentals and Automotive Collision Repair, Central Georgia Technical College provides a diverse range of courses suited for any aspiring worker. CGTC also offers a plethora of certificates such as engine performance technician, chassis technician, and electrical/electronic systems technician to help specialize and distinguish current and future automotive industry employees.

Access is Key

Opportunities aplenty in and around Macon

In an ideal spot for automotive suppliers, Macon is at the center of automotive growth. With impeccable highway and interstate access and competitive cost of doing business, finding career opportunities in Macon has never been easier. Find job titles relating to automotive parts specialist, service technician, MIG welder/fabricator, automotive metal fabrication and welding technician and many more in or near Macon today. 

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