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Aerospace & Defense

Grounds eye view looking up at a plane in Macon.

Land a Job in Georgia’s Aerospace Corridor

Georgia has been lauded as one of the top states for aerospace companies and jobs due in part to Robins Air Force Base, the largest industrial complex in Georgia, which employs more than 21,000 maintenance and logistics workers. Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services, the world’s leading provider of heavy maintenance for Embraer’s aircrafts, also calls Macon home. Opportunity soars in Macon as the aerospace industry continues to grow.

Two aerospace engineers sit at a desk.

Fast Facts

Macon By The Numbers
workers in aerospace-related occupations in Macon-Bibb County
industry workers in Georgia
aerospace companies and contractors in Middle Georgia
4-year aviation program in the state (Middle Georgia State University)
technology-related jobs created by new Blue Sky Lab in Macon

Major Employers

  • Robins Air Force Base
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Aerospace Maintenance & Support
Image of a computer with data visualizations in Macon.

Certified Service for the U.S. Military

The largest industrial complex in Georgia supports America’s defense

More than 23,405 civilians, contractors and military members are employed by Robins Air Force Base, which is home to the 78th Air Base Wing and its 54 mission partners that make up a vital part of the Air Force warfighting team. Employment opportunities in logistics, engineering, maintenance and a variety of other aerospace-related roles are available to professionals of every level, from apprentice level workers with no previous skills to supervisor level workers with master abilities in their field. The Air Force Sustainment Center provides a clear path to career success at Robins Air Force Base, outlining resources for formal education, professional development training and technical training required to meet your goals.

Two employees inspect a model of a cockpit in Macon.

Eclipsing the Competition

Central Georgia’s workforce makes sure the third-largest aircraft manufacturer stays in the skies.

Macon is proud to be home to Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services, a company headquartered in Brazil which brought over 100 aerospace jobs to the city in 2018 for its $1.6 million, 155,000 square foot facility. Embraer boasts a slew of certifications in a variety of areas, from repair station certificates to maintenance organization validations. In addition, EAM serves as experts in aircraft maintenance, from interior cabin seating to engine inspection and avionics troubleshooting. EAM plans to double its workforce in the coming years to accommodate its 50 percent workload increase in Macon in 2020.

An employee inspects an airplane for maintenance in Macon.

Aerospace Expertise

Macon is a hub for specialized aircraft maintenance and production capabilities.

Dean Baldwin Painting has offered the highest quality aircraft painting since 1965. In 2021 the company began providing paint service for commercial and military aircraft out of its state-of-the-art facility in Macon. Dean Baldwin Painting believes in the hiring of seasoned professionals as well as training those who want to learn more about aviation. A mission of theirs is to promote from within whenever possible, proving this employer to be eager to grow and enhance the goals of current employees. Current job openings include painters, preppers, and more. Check out Dean Baldwin Painting to start or continue your aviation career in Macon.