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Advanced Manufacturing

A man operating a piece of machinery in Macon.

All in the Name of Quality

From automotive and aerospace to plastics and metal fabrication plants, a range of opportunities await manufacturing workers in Macon. Located in the heart of Georgia, Macon is a major advanced manufacturing hub in the Southeast.

The continuing growth of Macon-Bibb’s industrial sector is evidenced by the major manufacturing companies that call the county home. Manufacturing giants like Irving Consumer Products, Dean Baldwin Painting, Nichiha USA and Star Snacks, Co. are currently investing in facilities in the area. These are only a few examples of notable manufacturing businesses moving into or expanding operations in the county. With the consistent expansion, it’s no wonder Macon-Bibb County has attained $1.3 billion in private investments — resulting in 2,500 new jobs since 2017.  

Many of these companies are actively hiring workers of various skill levels and offering training through programs offered by Central Georgia Technical College and the Georgia Quick Start program. With many high-demand jobs ready for the taking in Macon, it’s never been easier to start your career in the industrial sector.

A woman works in a food processing plant in Macon.

Fast Facts

Macon By The Numbers
Jobs brought to Macon by Star Snacks in 2017
Jobs added to Nichiha’s workforce in 2018
New Jobs in Georgia’s Food Processing industry between 2017-2021
Workforce Development Programs (Georgia)

Major Employers

  • Manufacturing Innovation
  • Consumer Products
  • Food Processing
Plastic bottles that companies like Brightmark located in Macon are able to recycle and use for sustainability.

Sustainably-Minded Companies

Macon’s environmentally-focused approach is beneficial for all

Sustainability, energy efficiency, and social responsibility pave the way for major innovation at Freudenberg Group. Essential in plant production, construction and agricultural machinery, heavy industry and much more, Freudenberg is ensuring long-term productivity and reliable manufacturing not only in Macon, but across the globe. In an effort to maximize efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint, Freudenberg created tribological solutions in the machinery sector that are aimed to increase efficiency and extend service life, like friction-reduced seals. Freudenberg currently has 765 open global job positions. 

Another company developing innovative manufacturing solutions is First Quality Packaging Solutions. The company’s recent investment of a $68 million manufacturing facility has created more than 100 jobs in quality assurance and maintenance operations.

A man works on replacing a roof in Macon.

Consumer Products

Macon is home to forward-thinking companies.

In 2019, Irving Consumer Products opened a $470 million tissue production plant in Macon, doubling its capacity. Due to higher demand, Irving Consumer Products is hiring titles like process engineers, team leaders in electrical and instrumentation, maintenance managers and many more. Explore job opportunities at Irving Consumer Products here

Freudenberg invested $25 million into its existing facility in Macon-Bibb County in 2016. Freudenberg prioritizes sustainability by recycling plastic bottles and converting them into roofing materials. The Macon plant is the company’s only operation in the U.S. Macon’s Freudenberg plant is currently looking to hire operators, quality lab technicians, process and production supervisors, human resources managers, and more. Check out job opportunities here.

Water bottles at a processing plant in Macon.

A Top Sector for Job Growth

Georgia’s robust food and beverage processing industry is on the rise

Georgia has the most food and beverage processing jobs in the Southeast, with more than 70,000 industry workers.  As Georgia’s top manufacturing sector in terms of employment and gross state product, the food processing ecosystem is stable and established. Boasting a diverse mix of distributors and manufacturers, Georgia’s 41,400+ farms  yield a variety of products; such as peanuts, broilers (chickens), pecans, blueberries, and spring onions. In addition to having access to the state’s top products, Macon also has the technological resources to ensure the success of this fast-growing industry. For example, Star Snacks invested more than $18 million into a 200,000-square-foot facility in Macon in 2017, bringing 115 new jobs to the area.  Mr. Chips, a subsidiary of Bay View Foods, invested $10.5 million into its food processing facility in Macon. Mr. Chips is regularly hiring for quality systems managers and general laborers amongst other positions as well.