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The Girlfriend by AARP named Macon one of “5 Solo Vacations Perfect For Escaping Life”

April 1, 2024
A group of musicians perform on stage.

5 Solo Vacations Perfect For Escaping Life

What an amazing list of great destinations!

Macon, Georgia
Sometimes, you just want to get away from everything and everyone. When that happens, you need a safe destination for solo travel that is accommodating and not filled with screaming kids or snuggling honeymooners. I found and visited a bunch on my own that I’d recommend.
If you love live music — especially hip hop or rock and roll — this is your place, and you will find your people here. Once the home of Little Richard, The Allman Brothers and Otis Redding, Macon (like bacon with an “m”) is all about its music scene. After getting acclimated through a super thorough walking tour by Rock Candy Tours, I spent a lovely morning at Capricorn Records, where the public can explore a small museum and listening room. I made my way through the Otis Redding Museum. Along the way, I met others eager to talk about music and musical history. It seems like everyone in Macon is there for a common purpose: To keep the music alive, and they’re incredibly welcome to anyone helping them with their cause. The food scene is also thriving. Want to meet your music people? Come on your own, and you’ll find your friends.