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Macon Makers

From homegrown, local artists to smooth, southern jazz musicians, Macon serves as a hub for creative pursuits of all kinds. Culture within the region is fostered through art, music, entertainment, and history. Macon works relentlessly to protect and preserve the arts by implementing initiatives like the Macon Music Trail and creating organizations like the Macon Arts Alliance. Cultural education and appreciation keep the blood pumping through this heart of Georgia.

Find out why Macon is the Festival Capital of Georgia.

Fast Facts

Macon By The Numbers
fine art teachers throughout the district in grades K-12
of building projects will be designated to public art through Community Benefits Agreements with developers
cultural assets in Macon
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Gates in front of the Allman Brothers Band Museum in Macon.

Macon's Lifeblood

A long-standing history of music lives here

From the creation of “wop-bop-a-loo-bop” by Little Richard in the 1950s to the current nightlife and live performance scene, Macon continues to make a name for itself in music. Epic legends like the Allman Brothers Band, Little Richard, and Otis Redding have left their marks on Macon, and still influence local musicians to this day. In fact, Jason Aldean, a Macon native, released a 2021 album titled “MACON” to recognize and appreciate his roots. 

There are hundreds of music venues to choose from in Macon, some of the most popular being The Grand Opera House, the Hargray Capitol Theater, and the Douglass Theatre. Attend these venues for incredible concerts, plays, symphonies, etc. Downtown Macon is home to other gems like Macon’s Dueling Piano Bar, The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom, and a local favorite, Historic Grant’s Lounge.

A young boy stands in front of artwork at Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Celebrating Local Art

Macon makers flow with creativity

Macon’s vibrant, dynamic arts scene is sure to inspire. Macon Arts Alliance supports the development of arts and culture in the Central Georgia region, and has various programs, special events, and public art installations to prove it. Triangle Arts Macon is a powerful project with a mission to advance the lives of people in and around Macon. With locations in Detroit and Atlanta as well, Triangle Arts invites local artists to leave their personalized touch on a living piece of art. Largely centered around sustainability and positive social impact, the vision for this project is to show that through art, you can create your own path to a fulfilling life.

Locally, there are plenty of art galleries and experiences to awaken your inner artist. For example, X-Art Paint and Sip Lounge in Downtown Macon has all the ingredients for a creative and unique night out, while Gallery West offers a more traditional art gallery experience. For a twist of Macon history, visit Ocmulgee Arts to see impressive works by artists of diverse backgrounds.

Never A Dull Moment

Macon's story is one you’ll want to hear

Mercer University recently opened the McEachern Art Center, a venue to showcase students’ original art and house student studios. The mission of Downtown’s McEachern Art Center is to encourage and support emerging local artists and create a safe space to appreciate all types of art. Bringing musical joy to Macon is the Macon-Mercer Symphony Orchestra, an intergenerational collaboration among McDuffie Center for Strings and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Be sure to visit Macon Little Theatre or Theatre Macon for live performances of theater classics that will entertain and enthrall you.